I came across a great new e-mail I want to share with you.

1on1lite is a new email service that is completely FREE but offers a whole range of great benefits that no one else does. I get so irritated with email that bounces or simply disappears into cyberspace.

Well 1on1lite is different. What is so great about 1on1lite is that it guarantees delivery. Why shouldn't email be reliable? 1on1lite tracks each message and tells you exactly when each message has arrived and when it gets read. That is 100% certification and is how I think email should be.

I don't know about you, but sometimes I write things in email that might cause some problems or at the very least embarrassment if someone else read it. 1on1lite also uses the most powerful encryption on the Internet (2048 bit) so as to give your messages complete confidentiality. Only the person you send it to can read it. In fact there are no copies of your message kept anywhere other than you and the person you send it to.1on1lite is the only email that does that.

It's also a really neat piece of software, simple to use and handles a bit like ICQ. It sits quietly on your task bar checking for email at intervals when you are online and tells you as soon as mail is waiting. Don't be fooled by how simple it is to use. 1on1lite is not a toy, it is the most powerful secure email client full of fascinating features like "For your eyes only" and "Automatic shredder". Sounds a bit like James Bond doesn't it? You can use it to send ordinary email as well but as soon as the person you send that ordinary email to picks up their own copy of 1on1lite, it upgrades the two of you into a private secure channel of communication. Nothing else you need to do. Its a no brainer.

Take my advice, go and download a copy and see for yourself, 1on1lite is completely Free and you will love it.

Download your FREE copy of 1on1lite here.
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